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leasehold bill


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I have owned a flat for 20 years which is rented out. The owner of the flat above me bought the freehold 2 years ago. For the past 18 years the ground rent was fixed at £50 per year. On buying the freehold the ground rent was increased to £60 last year. I have now received a letter demanding £150 for this years ground rent and if not paid by 14th May a weekly charge of £10 will be added to the bill.

Is this legal ?

Many thanks

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Hi Haffi,

I agree with Selkirk deifinitely. You may find that this will be the first of a long battle of trying to make money out you by this freeholder. Best thing to do is question everything and pay as little out as possible. Said freeholder will hopefully then get fed up and just accept a reasonable ground rent.

When it comes to any repairs on the building insist of seeing at least 3 estimates and get some of your own. This is another area where freeholders try to make extra dosh out of you.

Good luck,


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