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Landlords Building Insurance


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My buildings insurance is up for renewal very soon and was wondering which companies people are using.

Its a standard terraced house that will be aimed at 'Student Lets' and no claims.

What extra's are worth having? loss of rent guarantee, accidental damage, contents? (It is furnished -but nothing of any quality-came with the house)

Had Home Emergency cover last year but decided not to have that this year as when did make an enquiry regards a leak they look more certain to charge you and bring it down to maintenance, have instead found a good cheap plumber!


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Hi CH1,

In the last couple of years I have had to insure a couple of empty buildings awaiting planning consent and a small block of flats - no student lets though.

I shopped about a bit and found Assetsure via Google who were very good on price and flexible. Try emailing bob@assetsure.com with your requirements.

Also tried Direct Line who reckon they are landlord competitive but they wanted the names of the tenants! That was a new one on me as I had not let the property at that time.

Hope that helps a bit.


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Thanks for your replies.

In the end I had Insurance companies all trying to match the best quote I'd had and went with rentguard (underwritten by AXA) with full accidental damage to buildings.

I also realised I had 'foreign language teaching assistants' in my property so changed it to 'working people' but will be swapping over to 'students' as soon as I get some new T' s. Current T's are due to leave this month and my target market for this type of rental is students.

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