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Fridge, Washing machine and Cooker "Gifts"


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Hi people,

After recently viewing my property, my prospective new tenants, have asked if I can leave the fridge, washing machine and cooker (white goods). I said yes, but explained to them that if they break down I will not be replacing them (All three items are currently working and in good condition).

I am aware that a clause can be added in the tenancy agreement, stating that these items are "gifts".

That's all very well, but if they are "gifts", could the tenants not technically be able to remove / sell the white goods. Is there another term or description that I could use in the tenancy agreement basically loan the white goods, whilst making it clear that they have to stay in the property?

Any experience / views on this matter would be gratful.

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Hi Pauly,

Add a clause stating that these items -( list and put makers names down) - are your property, may remain at the dwelling and be used by the tenants but should they breakdown or fail you will not be repairing or replacing them. Do not use the word 'gift'.

If I do this I usually set this on a separate page and get tenants to sign it just so the status of appliances is crystal clear from the beginning. Leave them a copy and keep one for your records.


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