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Death in your property


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Had a job the other day to “complete” the clean up of a rented property after the landlord had started to clean. The situation was a drug overdose that had not been found for a couple of weeks. The landlord had got his “handy man” to help him. They started and did not cope very well to say the least. They had no PPE, no clue about Bio Hazards and where not prepared for the physiological aspects of the job. This post is just to plead with all you landlords please get the proper people in to deal with this sort of thing. Its not the time to think “me and john can do that”. You can usually claim the bill back from your insurance. If you can’t then against your tax. Don’t use cheap firms make sure they are insured, up to date on all employees jabs, stuff is going in yellow sacks, ask them which Bio-waste incinerator they are using, just the general feel of the firm. A usual job should cost about a grand if done properly. Like I said you can claim it back so don’t worry and you’ll be staying on the correct side of the law. Drop me a line if you need any advice on this.

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