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Tenant's changed Council Tax bill in my name


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Hi guys and gals,

If anyone can offer me some good advice it would be much apprieciated.

The story so far.....

Tenant has given notice to end tenancy (last day of tenancy: 07 April 2009) and has paid last months rent in advance, so no problem there.

On a recent inspection I have learnt that the tenant has in effect already moved out and into another property (but has still to move out final bits of furniture) and has yet to hand back the keys.

I have now just received a council tax bill addressed in my name for the last three weeks. It would appear that as the tenant has moved into another property they don't want to pay council tax.

In the tenancy agreement it states that the tenant is responsible for council tax, it also states that I could withold unpaid council tax or bills. I can understand that tenant doesn't want to pay two lots of council tax, but surely this can't be my responsiblity?

What should be my next step:

email tenant tell them to contact council to pay bill, or should I contact council directly, or wait until tenant hands back keys, then tell them the outstanding bill will be deducted from deposit?

Any comments welcome :D

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Hi Pauly,

Personally I would call council revenues and benefits section immediately and appriase them of the situation. Show them the tenancy agreement if necessary but I'm sure you will find them helpful. You will not be the first in this situation.

At worst you may have to conduct a viewing with a council officer to demonstrate the situation.

I would not confront the tenant - let him hear the bad news from the council and keep deposit matters only relevant to the condition of the property when he vacates.

In other words - don't go there.

Good Luck,


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