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verbal lease (scotland)


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I have inherited a property from my father that has a tennant in it. The tennant says he had a verbal agreament with my now deseased great grand father who has been dead for about 20years, the proberty requires extensive work done on it to take it to a acceptble standard to rent. The tennant at present is refusing to pay rent due to this and hasn't been paying rent for many years. He has also indicated that even if i did the house up he would not sign a new lease with me.

Is there any way i can get the tennant out of the house as my wife and i would like to move in.

Any ideas where to start?

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Hi there,

I've never heard of a 'verbal lease' even in the Jocklands -nice try though.

This is probably one where you should go and see a solicitor as Scottish law can be quite different.

Try and find one that gives a 15 minutes free information interview - there are some about - then let us know what he/she says and help someone else.

Good Luck,


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