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Inventory checks


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I have let out our old house to a family. This was back in May 2008 and i havent had a chance to see the condition of the property etc...i have asked them if i could pop by to pick up my mail (it used to be my home before i moved)..but they always pop the letters into my letter box instead...they have been good tenants and paid rent on time...i just want to go round and see the house and see the condition to put my mind at rest and discuss keeping them on for next year and renegotiate rent down for them if necessary..

please could anyone advise on how i go about asking them if i can come over for a quick check without sounding too obtrusive and interfering...how do you all go about it....how often do you check out your properties with new tenants in them.

any advice welcome

thanks in advance

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I check once a year, often coinciding with the gas check.

I have an annual inspection requirement in my agreement and with new tenants I tell them 6 months for the first time. The agreement also states landlord will give 24 hours notice for a visit, and for tenants to keep appointments made.

I generally ring up and if that fails I would post them a letter through the door in time for a requested acknowledgement 24 hours beforehand.

Remind them that it's in both your and their interest that you keep an eye on what is your asset.

Others will tell you what to do if still no response from tenant to all that!

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Hi Heebs,

If you use a letting agent for full management they would/should go around every 3 months - so I think they may be expecting you if they have rented via an agent before.

I tell them at the outset that I will be around to have a look in 3 months then if all is well only go every 6 months but always ring and make an appointment to make things sound formal but friendly and professional - you only need to stay 5-10 mins. The down side is they might tell you every little niggly thing that might be wrong - but you might need to know that on the basis of 'a stitch in time.......'

All the best


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