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My daughter has been served with an eviction notice giving her 2 1/2 months to vacate

She is behind with her rent, but her rent is paid by housing benefit so she is always behind to a certain degree but

this has built up a little. She has arranged to get a crisis loan which she should have by Monday in order to clear

at least half of the arrears which are £700, bearing in mind her months rent is £475 she is not two months behind

with the rent as yet.

So if she's able to clear say half her rent by Monday what grounds does she have to fight an evicition? and is

it worth trying to fight? She has a baby but has been in a bad relationship and on the other side of things her

ex partner smashed three windows in the house, again she is getting a crisis loan to get these fixed, but I know

it doesn't really make her look very good.

I would just really like to know her legal position. She's been with this agent for 2 years now and this is the first

time she has had problems.

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