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Tax - mainly pre-trading, first year of business


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couple of questions about tax. Due to the meltdown in the Banking sector, we ended up as reluctant landlords on a Scottish property in September. Because of setup costs, it looked as if we were a cert to make a loss in this financial year, but as a result of the drop in interest rates we may even make a small profit, so to that end, I want to ask about the 'twilight zone' where we

1. Put our property on the rental market (28th August)

2. Had a prospective tenant through the agency (29th August)

3. We vacated our property on 3rd September,

4. Tenants moved into property (28th Septemeber), after credit checks, release from previous tenancy.

So during this period, what can we claim as expenditure....


Council Tax?

Electricity and gas?

Anything else, I've missed?

Does emptying the house of furniture via a removal firm count as expenses


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Hi Zed

You can claim expenses incurred at the point that the property is available for let (and actively so, so for example a vacant property in itself would not qualify unless you were actively finding a tenant.

Therefore in your case, the date from which you can claim the expenses would be from 3 September. Typically, utilities, mortgage interest etc.

Unfortunately you cannot claim for your own removal costs - this is not a cost of your rental business, but a personal cost related to you moving.

I hope this helps



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