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Tennet help required

house doctor

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Hello Everybody,

Please Please will someone help with advice. On 1st of November 2008 I had a Tennent move into my private home Renting out One Bedroom. I went to the Post Office and Bought A LICENCE AGREEMENT FOR LODGER ENGLAND & WALES. in which he signed by him, myself and Witness A 12 month Agreement giving 1 months notice in writting For £ 50.00 per week and a verble agreement of

£ 20.00 for Food as he is in full time Education in Collige with A Part time job at Sainsburys. this person is the Boyfriend of one of my Neighbours Daughters and was being thrown out by his Farther in which i felt Sorry for. He went to the Council and they Agreeded to pay his Rent But when i read the letter from the Council and Noticed they were going to pay him for me £ 58.84 so we made another agreement. But for the First 4 weeks he never paid me nothing as the council would take upto 4 weeks and pay backpay so i waited On the 5th of December he paid me £ 80.00 for Food following Week £ 150.00 for Rent 3 weeks nothing then £ 110.00 for Food I wrote a Letter for REQUESTING LATE PAYMENT OF OVERDUE RENT.iNCLUDING A COPPY OF HIS RENT BOOK. fOLLOWING WEEK PAID HIS Rent in full Nothing again the paid £ 110.00 towards his rent now nothing again for 4 weeks but nothing for his Food. Leaving the total amount owed £ 311.92 He recived a Letter from the Council saying because he never gave 1 peice of letter they again Susppended the money so I went with him they told me 4 weeks again but he tends to dissaper very often and things seem to dissapear from his room like telly etc etc giving us the inpresion he going without telling us and paying his money. I changed the Locks as we found other people were entering the property without our concent with use of his keys. I tryied to talk to him but it was no use and Explaind that i changed the locks to stop him taking other things out behind our back He got more friends around threating me so i had to call the local police asking if i was in my right to withhold his personel items untill payment and they said yesPlease Please will someone advise me what to do next Thankyou.

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I would question your right to keep his things, after all this is a CIVIL matter and not CRIMINAL, under Housing Law, you would be within your rights to change the locks.

However, I would suggest that you let him have his items, and put the whole thing down to experience, hard pill to swallow after being charitable, but i would suspect with someone of his calibre and his friends, you house could well be a future target for burglary. Its what is called payback!!! and for what 300 quid.

Advise him at a certain time, you will put his stuff outside the house, and then it up to him to do what ever he wants to do.

TRUST ME it is just not worth the grief. however agrieved you feel.

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