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Dear Sirs

I have been renting my only home out for the last 6 years, the tenant has an

A.S.T. which ran out about 2 years ago so he is now on a periodic tenancy, he is also one month in arrears with the rent.

I now need possesion of the property because i have nowhere to live and wish to move back into my property.

Could you please tell me what sort of notice i have to serve on him and how long it will take to get him out, and when the notice should be served from, the tenancy runs from the 25 of each month.

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You need a section 21


The link is to the form you need, some explanatory notes are on the form, ideally you need to serve on the rent day i.e in your case the 25th, you need to allow 2 months for possession.

That should be all you need, to do. Hopefully they will leave on the due date, however if not you will have a through the courts, a right for automatic repossesion.

I would suggest you worry less about the arrears, and get on with the possesion you will be entitled to the rent from the deposit, also possesion is more important. Also one months arrears is not enough to seek grounds for possesion.

Keep copies of notices and ideally if you are hand delivering, take a witness as to the time and date of delivery, if you are sending in the post which is perfectly fine also, make sure you ask for PROOF OF POSTINGwhich is just a form stamped by the post office, with a date and time on it. Which is deemed to be proof of posting and delivery in the eyes of the court.

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