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Not much Xmas cheer!


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Evening ladies and gents, firstly happy Xmas and New year and all that!

May I ask for some advise?

My Tenant of alomst a year, pretty much hasn't stopped moaning all year, a number of isses have occured, but I think in my books have been dealt with quickly to resolve.

Firstly the cost of heating the property was too much, she claimed a faulty boiler, this was double checked and found to have no issues, however 2 months later is did pack up, a new Worcester Combi was installed and the rent dropped by £100 for that month.

Other issues include a blocked external drain, blocked with leaves, leaking rad and sink caused by a dodgey plumber (who I won't use again)

Further to this she clamed the house riddled with rising damp, I attended with a damp company to find her father with a cheap damp meter probing the walls, my bloke also checked the walls and nothing was found... The fathers meter being cheap and not calibrated correctly. She was advised the issues were condencation caused by lack of ventilation, ie not opening the windows!

On that visit I went out and purchsed a dehumidifer and it was found that a guttering pipe was at the wrong angle causing overflow, this I offered to rectify.

September arrives and she is burgled, I made sure the house was secure that night and the locks changed the following day.

I then sent her a letter, asking to confirm in writing that she intends to leave the property at the end of her contract, I have now received a stoppy letter, I think written by her father claiming, the house is still damp (which it isn't) she has stated her clothes are being damaged and she has had to replace a laptop that has been damaged by damp. (which funnily enough was stolen when she was burgled)

Now then, since September I haven't heard a peep out of her regards damp or any other issues, she is also now claiming ill health as well now.

When she was moaing about the so called damp, I did offer her a way out of the contract, if the letting agent found a new tenant which tied in with her moving out... so I am not all that bad.

I guess her content insurance should cover anything she feels is damaged?

May I ask for your thoughts and a plan of action

This is all I need over Xmas and with my partner about to give birth!

Cheers for reading and I hope I didn't send anyone to sleep


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she thinks she can get money out of you and even though its your house she has to share her parts of its upkeep such as cleaning it and operning the windows, she properby thinks she can con you out if you inform her insurence comapny then she will lose her mone and incour fine if thay think shes lieing about the laptop being not burgled and she be in trouble with the police as its fraud. personal i think you have gone out your way with her especily with the deuhidafier think which can be costly appliances, and her father could be introuble for conspireing with her so perhaps you need to remind her that she is to move out after the tenency, leaving the dehuminfer think and the propery in aceptibe condition and if there is damp she will be sent a bill for neglecting the house and wont get her deposite back or this cost will be taken from it just make sure shes got a copy of the bill and a survy as if she draged it any futher to a court she would end up lossing more than she thought. lol, just stay firm and be fair like you have done and there shouldent be any seriours problems.

merry christmass to you too! :D

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