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Property Management Software


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The one we use is called Landlord Enterprise - they just released a new version for 2009.

It does all of the accounting, scheduling, maintenance logs, and manages all of our tenants, units, and leases. It tracks all of my payments, late fees, and expenses.

It contains lease and application forms.

The tech support is pretty good and they have a free trial at www.landlordenterprise.com

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Having just suggested Excel, I'll clarify that a bit more.

As said I only have a few properties but I still only use one spreadsheet, you are probably not using them to their full capability. The software I've come across is basically excel or an excel based database and i don't feel the need to have this just for all the front end stuff.

Each to their own




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I use EZPZ software. Full SAGE nominal ledger. Quite difficult to navigate at first but does what I want. Support Excellent. Very patient and helpful even for a complete numpty like me.

Have used Landlord Manager as well: Glitzy Desktop - not convinced reporting accurate. Support IMHO Crap.

You pays your maney and takes your chance!

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The first step in choosing rental property management software is to choose a program that is easy to use. It is also important to find property manager software that is tailored to your unique needs. It isn't worth paying for features you will never use but you want to make sure you have all the functionality you need.

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How difficult can you make this eh ?

all you need is 5 columns

1. Income (rent) from prop, signs, garages, parking etc

2. Mortgage payments (& rem, finance legals etc)

3. Improvements

4. Running costs (gas lecky etc)

5. Repairs

let the accountant do the rest, then the only program you need to worry about is what time "Homes under the hammer" starts :blink:

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