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I'm Moving to Northern Ireland


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Hi All

A bit of a change from my normal tax posts, but in December I and my partner are relocating to Belfast (and in the current market, letting our property in Bristol).

We are not moving much in the way of furniture (6 seater dining suite and 2 and 3 seater sofas, a wine cooler) mainly, boxes, lamps etc. So no bedroom furniture (going to skip it I suppose) and no white goods (leaving)

Quotes to move out stuff over, given that it is mainly boxes have been extortionate because we are moving from mainland. I wondered if anyone knew of any good removers or hauliers (shared space perhaps?) that would provide reasonable quotes. This move is expensive enough without paying out uneccesarily.

Also, the bedroom furniture (pine - various) has seen better days but still in working order. We dont want to pay to have this shipped and so thinking of skipping it unless anyone has any ideas as to what else we can do with it! I would happily give it away to someone who would collect it, but not sure how to go about it

Main query however is hauliers - any advice would really help



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