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Hi Cathy,

You should ask your tenant to vacate asap if they have gone over the recognised end of tenancy so you can re-let or charge them rent on a daily basis until the property is cleared and the keys returned.

If they fail to do the gardening - (this is the bain of nearly every landlord with a garden )- then get a quote from a tradesman and deduct it from the deposit. Photograph the garden before tradesman starts work. I would mention this to the tenant beforehand so they have a chance to rectify things quickly themselves.

On the decorating - some landlords charge £60 each wall to be emulsioned or again get a tradesmans estimate or bill if he/she does the work and again deduct it from the deposit.

You must explain all this in writing to your tenant to be seen to be acting fairly and so they can see where their deposit has gone.

I hope that helps.


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