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a s tenancy continuation form


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Hi Preston, my Assured Tenancy Agreement is about 5 pages long and i was once given a 1 page form which just needed a signiture to continue the agreement for a further 6 months. Maybe this is not allowed now , i dont know, it just seemed simpler. Is it a problem giving my long term tennant a 12 month ast. Thanks Morgan.

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The agreement continues anyway after the end of the fixed period until it is ended by either party. This is called a "periodic" tenancy, because it automatically "renews" itself from one period of the tenancy to the next (from one month to the next if the rent is payable monthly).

The form you are referring to sounds like a new six month AST. It was just one page long, I guess, because it referred to the terms and conditions in the old tenancy and didnt reproduce them in full. This would be fine if properly drafted, but equally good would be to issue another full copy of the agreement, properly signed and dated.

There are a few other threads on this site discussing the pros and cons of granting a fresh six month tenancy at the end of the original one, but in brief if you are happy with the tenant it can be a very sensible thing to do because it can give you and the tenant a bit more stability and security.

Hope this helps


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