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Shared home ownership

Guest Xanonite

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Guest Xanonite

We bought this home with another couple and decided to devide the place evenly:

Downstairs, the workshop (for the carpenter), 2 sheds, and a small area for their home items upstairs in the garage for them.

Upstairs, the bottom garage (for the mechanic), and the rest of the upstairs for our (anything storage)

The agreement was simple, they would use their workshop for workshop things (like storing wood..ect.

And they would use their sheds for tires, garden stuff...ect. The upstairs garage area that was theirs would be used for houshold items since they had nowhere else to store this. The area was outlined for them to use.

We has no other area for garden, tires, wood, household, ect..so we got the rest of the garage (80%) of it.

They have used from 50% to 90% on and of leaving very little room for us to do anything, and they spread everything around so we trip over everything. They clean out their workshop and sheds and put their items in the garage.

Can we do anything to stop this? We have asked them, warned them, fought with them...ect.

I need a legal solution. Can I move their things outside and tarp them? They have been asked many times and insist of using us. Please help. I even wrote them a letter re-outlining (again) the agreement we made. His wife agrees that it is correct, but cannot make him do anything without months of waiting. Please Help. Any legal suggestions? This agreement was verbal when we bought the place and we know his wife will probably fold if it gets to a lawyer. I just wrote him another letter stating how much we didn't want to fight about this and reoutlining the agreement, but all he did was spin out of the driveway and then through the grass and parked in front of their living room window (on the grass), instead of his parking spot. Everyone else we talked to, including his wife, think that he is in the wrong.

Please, anything, any help,.....


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