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EPC's and Deposits in Scotland?


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I'm a bit wet behind the ears when it comes to this landlords game. By chance/luck I'm now in a position where I can rent out my flat, got a tenant set up for teh 1st November, got short tenanct agreement signed etc. Now I think I've overlooked a couple of things. :angry:

In Scotland must i have an EPC for the proerty or is this just an English thing?

Also - I took the equivelant of 1 months deposit as a security on the property incase there is any damage, I has put this into a bank account i never use but do i need to put it into a tenancy deposit scheme?


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From 1 December 2008 an EPC will be required for the sale of existing domestic buildings in Scotland.

From 4 January 2009 they will be required for all domestic and non-domestic buildings if leased or sold and must be displayed in all public buildings.

As for deposit protection, I know the English and Welsh scheme doesnt apply in Scotland and I'm not aware of any other one that does. Have a look a the Scottish Government web site just to double check that nothing is in the offing, but I think you are ok.


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