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when does new rent start


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hi again

my tenants 6month ast ends on 1st dec 2008 he wishes to stay in property and i am happy for him 2 do so (he been in property 18months with no probs) he as agreed to rent increase from 400 to 440 per month

so to my question

when will his first increased payment be due will it be from 1st dec when new ast issused or will it start on 1st jan seems a trivial question but i dont want to upset and risk loosing a good tenant

many thanks gaz

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If you are going to do a new contract from the 1/12/08 the new rent starts then.

You can use a section 13 notice if you are planning to let the tenancy run on as a periodic but you have to give 1 months notice and i cant remember if you can serve it to come into force on the 1st day of the periodic or if it has to be served when the tenancy allready is periodic.

I sure someone else can answer that though.

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I'm not sure whether this has been tested in the courts but the notice is for service on a periodic tenancy (as opposed to a fixed term tenancy) and so I wouldnt risk serving until the fixed period of the AST has ended.

Generally, the best and cleanest way to agree a new rent is to sign a new AST, if you are happy to give another fixed period. It means you can start the new rent as soon as the old fixed period ends.

Good luck

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