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Hi all let me know if you like poem below


Keep watch on LIBOR as it flows

Who will know which way it goes

Up it goes way too quick

The higher it goes the more I feel sick

Down it slides real dam slow

While wish for it to go low low low

Base rates are cut by the central bank

LIBOR stays put as my heart sank

What am I able to do

My mortgages rates are linked to you

I rely on the government to do there bit

But it seems the whole world is in the ######

Inter bank lending has ground to a halt

The money is firmly kept in the vault

Trust has gone and nerves are shattered

Interbank lending is all in tatters

The major world economies coordinate

In order to attempt to lower your rate

Billions are given to ease the pain

But customers are not the ones to gain

LIBOR we need you to slide below

The base rate set for you to go

Because ordinary people feel the pain

And negative equity strikes again


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