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Complete re-fit of a semi-detached


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I know this is a bit of a 'how-long-is-a-piece-of-string' question but I'm looking to buy a property (at auction see my previous post) that needs a full re-fit, so that I can let it out.

Property is a 'standard size' 3 bed-semi in a nice suburb. Lounge, Dining Room, Kitchen. Bathroom. WC.

I'm not a surveyor so I don't know if there's anything structurally wrong (I don't think there is) but it will need a total re-fit. Bathroom, Kitchen. re-dec throughout. Maybe some windows. Possibly a full-rewire (but only guessing on a worst case scenario on that). Probably need radiators throughout and a new boiler. External painting. Garden tidying. Plus new white goods and a cooker/hob.

Any guide anyone could guesstimate for me on this lot? As I say I know this is a bit of a 'how-long-is-a-piece-of-string' question.

Anyone done this sort of thing before. Any tips/advice as to how to go about doing this? What do I need to watch out for?

In my head I have budgeted a ballpark of £30k which I think is on the top side but fear it could get there and past it easily.

Any advice gratefully received.

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Sounds like an interesting project. I did a similar refurb of a 3 bed bungalow the year before last and paid £10,000 in total, but I and friends provided most of the labour. As you suggest, prices can vary hugely, but my guesses (including labour) would be:

windows - around £3,000 (we paid £2,500 for 5 windows + large double french windows)

kitchen - less than £3,000 (we bought an end of line kitchen)

bathroom - less than £1,500 (plain white bathroom suites can be picked up for £300 ish)

boiler - about £1,700, or £2,500 if rads are included

rewire - about £1,500 (but in my experience if any or all of the wiring is PVC, a full rewire is rarely needed)

redec - less than £1,500 (we had a plasterer skim then repaint)

external painting - £500 (as with certain other trades, painters are short of work at the moment and so prices in our area are falling)

white goods - say an average of £250 per appliance

With a contigency for unforeseens, my guess would be that your budget is more than enough. The big unkown though is structural problems and its the fear of those that would make an auction purchase a bit too high risk for me.

Good luck!


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Hi i have just completed a very similar project on a 3 bed property. The only thing i didn't do was the radiators whuch you mention. Like your last reply it came in at about 10k. This included £650 for electrical works. £2000 for a new kitchen. About £800 to complete a new bathroom (The only thing i kept was the sink). I guess it depends on the spec. I laminated every romm which was easy to do myself and was relatively cheap as i shopped around for good deals.

I guess the key is to shop around, do as much as you can yourslelf and most importantly (nd its more difficult than you think) Don't get too personal!! This can be costly. Afterall you are only renting it out.

Hope this helps a little

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