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I have an idea for a business and would like your thoughts on its viability .I have not fleshed it out yet but in a nutshell I want to : 1. Find Offices of whole factories near good transport links that have been lying empty for years. 2. Contact the landlord or owner telling them I can find them multiple tenants for their large empty unwanted building and suggest that we work in partnership sharing the rental income 50:50,all they need to do is provide the building,maintain it and pay the rates.3. I would carve out workshops and offices at no cost at all by marking out lines on the floor. I could hire out p/t receptionist,secretary and tenants could pay as they use their services. A commercial estate agent could find tenants and mange it for a fee which leaves me with next to nothing to do. What are your thoughts on this ?critique it so that I can sharpen the idea. Regards,


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Let me get this right.

The owner provides a factory, maintains it to a lettable condition and pays the rates (total input £?00,000's).

You provide a pot of paint (and a brush) (£10) and you expect him to share the rent 50/50?

If only life was so easy.

I'd stick to the National Lottery, the odds are better.


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