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rolling ast


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Personally I would renew to show I am paying attention and showing an interest! I would also visit tenant and have a chat - only 10 mins out of my day and view property to make sure all is well.

As far as I am aware the same rights stated in the signed tenancy agreement will carry on if you go 'periodic' as it is called . 6 months is too early in my book. I would wait until at least a year or 18 months before doing this.

Maybe I'm an old fuddyduddy so let's see what others think?


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If you let the tenancy roll on past its fixed period it becomes a periodic assured shorthold with exactly the same terms and conitions as before. Unless your tenancy agreement requires longer notice, this means that if you want the tenant to leave you will need to give two months notice, whilst the tenant will need to give you one months notice.

As for whether you grant another fixed term, there are pros and cons. On the positive side, if you are happy with them as a tenant, it might mean they will stay longer than they otherwise would have done, so decreasing your void times. It also gives them a little more security. On the down side, it gives you less control over the property. If you sourced the tenant through a managing agent check the agreement with them carefully, some try to charge you another "finders fee" if you renew the fixed term.

The RLA website includes some very good documents - tenancy agreements, guarantor letters, section 21 notices etc - which you can use to set up the new tenancy if thats the route you choose to go down.

For what its worth, on balance, if I'm happy with the tenant I generally offer another fixed term, just to give both parties a bit more security.

Good luck

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one of my tenants 6 month ast is due for renewng shortly

if i dont renew this and let it roll over what implications could this

lead to if i wanted to remove the tenant

i suppose in short im asking wether its a good idea to renew ast or let it roll over


To issue a new ast will give T peace of mind that they can reside at prop for what ever term set out in ast ..............rather than living with "i am only ever 8-10weeks away from possibly leaving .....at LL whim"

From a LL point of view i have approx 100 T and the thought that i am only ever 4-5 weeks from having my whole portfolio empty is not a comfortable one !!!

I use their security as my security and plan my "tenant finding" activities acordingly ........

You are running a business ........run it a such .......................

Also for planning maintenance i need to know in adnace of who is doing what .............

Running a BTL biz id hard enough as it is ............dont try to do it with one hand tied behind your back and a blindfold !!!!!

The Rodent

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