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Previous Owner (Landlord) held on to tenants deposits


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Some time ago I bought a tenanted property which had an AST and tenants in place. The previous landlord/LA did not transfer the T's deposit to me which they hold in an insurance backed scheme.

The AST finished about 7 weeks ago.

The T contacted the LA for return of their deposit and they were told it'd been given to me -which it hasn't.

How can T get their deposit back? or how can I prove that T's deposit wasn't given to me?

(I am already pursuing LA for T's rent since 3 months which was paid in error by T to them when the take over was taking place.)

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Proving a negative !! .............is not the easiest thing to do ..........

If LA holds/held dep in ins backed scheme then T just needs to contact scheme ...who will have a chat with la i'm sure !!!

La will need to PROVE that it passed dep to you/T .......not upto you to prove anything ......movement of T dep requires T permission and bond should have been "unprotected" and signed as such by T when it was moved ........if T not signed anything then LA has some explaining to do !!!!

Ins scheme will(should) pay out and then reclaim from LA ......

Re: 3 mths rent ........if you havent already then instruct dc immediately ....

The Rodent

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Passed on info to T who is going to do a sit out in LA's office until they return the deposit back!

When T left, property was not clean and communal areas were very dirty -& appliances needed an industrial clean if T gets deposit back i would like to request a small amount to cover the cost of the professional clean to be shared. As the LA is no longer the landlord does the insurance backed scheme sought the opinion of new owner?

DC already on case for LA not returning rent for 3 months, but as 2 weeks has not elapsed since they requested it they cannot take further action yet. As expected no response from LA to DC (I have a feeling this particular LA is so used to this kind of contact).

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