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searching for a landlord that accepts DSS


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Hi cece,

Difficult one this as many LL's still live in the dark ages and feel that DSS tenants will trash their house or cause them problems.

In my experience I don't have any problems with DSS or HB tenants and many are great tenants.

I'd be tempted to offer up a guarantor, someone who owns their own house that is prepared to sign to say they guarantee the rental payments.

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If your local council or shelter (or similar advice centre) runs a tenancy deposit scheme then they maybe able to point you inthe direction of some landlords who would willingly accept DSS tenants.

One of the biggest problems for LL's tho is the time it takes for the local authority to process these application thats why they are so against dss tenants. Sometimes a tenant could have left b4 any actual benefit is paid to the landlord. Therefore it is not cost effective for a LL to opt for benefit claimants.

If you happen to be working and rely on benefits as a top up then this will help your search if you can gaurentee you can afford the rental without benefit to the landlord in some way, but as you may be legaly entitled to make a claim for benefits you will be doing so to capitalise your income.

If you are not luckily enough to be in this position then i wish you luck in your hunt. If you see a property advertised and there is no mention of dss claimants then ensure u contact them to ask.

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