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New Landlord's Start Up Help page?


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May I suggest that this otherwise excellent site should include a basic "New Landlord's Start Up" page for brief advice for New and Potential Landlords?

Time and again a new contributor enters this forum asking for basic advice, either because they think they want to be a Landlord, or, as in a recent case, may have "inherited a Tenancy" - possibly with a sitting tenant and therefore has little or no option to learn the Landlord ropes.

It should be possible to limit the basics to an A4 sheet (or a webpage of no more than two scrolled screens), with references and hyperlinks to more detail, most of which is probably already somewhere on this site.

One for the Moderator............?

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Yes Chestnut, that is a really good idea.

It strikes me that a lot of new landlords are not likely to want to read books on the subject as much as members recommend them - that is why they are on the net looking for a 'one stop shop' with the answer to everything in a format they know.

As the recession goes on I think there will be more 'new landlords' in trouble so this could be a popular feature and save the regulars repeating themselves.


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