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HMO - Problem tenant


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Long time since I've been on here, hello all!

I've had a message from a tenant that has just left the property as follows:

"I want to let you know some things about my stay here in England.

I enjoyed myself in England and got along with everyone in the house except XXX. I want to let you know that I’m not the only one in the house who has problems with XXX. By the way, XXXX and XXXX have problems with XXXX too.

First, XXXX behaves in a very unpleasant way. He makes unpleasant remarks about our different countries and origins (sometimes it can be racist), he molests us and he is a male-chauvinist. I don’t think he’s gonna change and he has a serious problem with XXXXX, he’s always picking on her, it seems to me that most of the time, he’s doing that for no real reason. I don’t know what happened before I came here and if something serious happened between them but I think you need to do something. I don’t think that XXXX misbehaves, she’s a very nice person andwe can talk with her if there’s a problem.

For example, one day, I witnessed a row between XXXXX and XXXX. XXXXX had just arrived home and she went upstairs but XXXXX luggage was in the middle of the staircase, she moved the luggage, so that she could go to her bedroom. When he saw that she had moved the luggage, he immediatly got angry and yelled in a violent way. I don’t think it’s normal and he has behaved in this way several times that kind of behaviour on different moments. People can’t have a normal conversation with him, in particular, if it’s about his behaviour or about the cleaning, he gets angry really quickly, he yells and becomes very impolite.

XXXXX behaves in an inconsiderate, selfish, careless and irresponsible way. He behaves as if he lives alone in the house, to point that you can’t watch TV whenever you want because he’s always in front of the TV. When people want to cook, he takes all the space to cook, the result is that you have to wait, whereas we try to share the cooking space with the others, when there’s somebody else who wants to cook.

In the morning, he makes a lot of noise, bangs the doors, jumps on the staircase when he’s going down. It’s not very nice to be awoken early on Saturday or Sunday morning, especially when you need some sleep... He listens to music or watches TV pretty loudly at night. Once he was hovering at 10pm. This is a problem not only for us but the neighbours too. One day, they might come around to the house and complain.

He sometimes leaves his dirty underwear in the bathroom for ages and not only his underwear but his dirty cups and dishes too to the point that sometimes, it stinks and there’s mould on it. In the end, unfortunately the others wash his stuff. He’s really dirty, sometimes we find some of his food on the floor or on the rug or chairs in the dining-room. His behaviour really embarrasses us when we have people round to visit . I remember that a friend of mine came during Easter, we were coming from London and there was food, dirty cups and dishes and plastics bags everywhere in the kitchen... When my friend saw it, I was really embarrassed and I wanted to cook, well, I had to push his stuff out of the way to get a space, meanwhile XXXXX was in the house, on the sofa chilling out and watching TV... His clothes are lying around for weeks because they are drying, I pretty much understand that there’s no space in the house but a T-shirt and underwear don’t take two weeks to dry...

He sometimes leaves the oven turned on when it’s empty. I told him that a fire might break one day, it almost happened two weeks ago, he forgot his sausages in the oven... Fortunately, we have a fire alarm at home...

You will have a very nice surprise when you come, there’s a cupboard door broken in the kitchen, of course, it’s his cupboard, when people come round to visit the house for the room, it doesn’t give a nice impression of the house, because you can see what’s inside and it’s pretty disgusting. Moreover, there are quite a lot of stains on the sofa because he eats on it, but he hasn’t cleaned it even if we’ve asked him to do it. If I was somebody looking for a room and I saw that kind of things and the state of the house after he’s been cooking, I wouldn’t take the room...

As you can see, things are not going very well in the house but you have to be aware that he always behaves in that manner towards us. By the way, he hasn’t behaved that way just once or twice. He’s always like that, the atmosphere in the house has really become unpleasant because his behaviour... It’s pretty hard to live with him and I’m not the only one in that house who can’t stand him and this attitude. We’ve tried to resolve the problem amongst ourselves, we’ve tried to talk to him but it is completely vain and useless, he doesn’t care and he wants his own way... "

This is a very difficult one. I want the problem tenant out as he will force all the other tenants to leave and has been making a mess when viewings are happening, resulting in a room being vacant for a month already and still no tenant found (previously the biggest void for a room has been 2 weeks in the 2 years I've had the property).

A bit more info: The problem tenant always pays rent on time and had not damaged his room in anyway in the year he has been there. The "molesting" comment I have been told by other tenants refers to an incident where the tenant tried to force himself on the other tenant, but I don't think anyone else was there. This in itself is a serious incident and don't know what I should do with that information.

I'm not really sure I should post this here, but really would like an experienced landlords take on it.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as to the options I have.



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Hello Mat,

Gosh, sounds like a mess of one T making it miserable for rest of T's.

Looks like this can be one of the problems of letting on a room by room basis? Do your room by room lets have separate AST's for each person or joint AST's for property as a whole?

Let us know how you get on with this. -CH

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