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Dodgy Agent


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No not ME!!! B)

We've just taken over a number of properties from another agent and I have a few ?'s for you all to guage what I feel is right or wrong. . . . .

1) Agent won't pass/transfer bonds to me, saying that they belong to the T's and THEY should get them (not that they are giving it to the T's either at the moment) Only 2 should have been protected (but weren't) the rest before April 2007.

2) Keys have been 'thrown' into an envelope, only a couple identifiable, and sent via 'normal' post. Few properties empty and no way of identifying which keys fit which houses, aside from trying them all (which we're in the process of)

3) Tenants been 'poached' (which is fine) but Agent insisting the T's have abandoned property and they don't know where they've gone. (a lie, because I have traced them and found them to be in one of their managed houses.) LA saying that NO BOND was taken on these houses, and the LL has no record of anything.

4) 1 House in particular, been neglected, and Agent tells LL that they didn't take a bond! This has happened on MORE than 1 occasion!!!! It's just cost the LL in excess of 2k to put this property right.

5) Lots of bills/debt collection agency letters in most of these houses and LA denying all knowledge of T's whereabouts (these are T's I haven't tracked down YET, but similar to above, LA saying no bond was taken.

6) Agent has been 'ripping off' the LL with the housing benfeit scam, i.e. 12 & 13 monthly payments etc etc

7) LA has charged LL management charges for tenancy agreements that are part way through for their DURATION, i.e. 3 months left and a 10% charge for the remainder of the agreement has been charged to the LL (They are also trying to charge LL for agreements that have run into periodic tenancies stating they've renewed them)

Well that should keep you all busy for a little while, haha.

I'm not saying I don't know what to do with these problems but I'm just asking if anyone has any other ideas/approaches that we could use to quicken the processes. Agents are being a**eh**es for obvious reasons. They've got a bitter taste left in their mouth because the LL has seen sense and instructed a proper agent to manage their portfolio. They are being obstuctive and downright ignorant in all communications we or the LL try.

Any thoughts??


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Nice mess!

1. Start proceedings for non protection of bonds .......Then end existing AST's and rewrite new ones on existing ocuupied props ......forcing bond payment to either T or yourself as new agent....Failing that put dc/small claim on them for o/s balance....OR get writte instruction from T/LL to have bond Tx to you as new agent .....

2. Try all locks !

3. Bill Tenant for damage ....d/c small claims

4. Track down T and give to d/c

5. Pass on info to d/c as you get it

6. Instruct d/c to collect

7. Check agreement terms and if applicable instruct d/c

Then leaflet drop all known properties managed by this outfit (and surrounding areas !!) and put them out of business ...what goes around comes around ...EVERY TIME !!! just wait and seize the opportunity to balance the equation when the time comes !!!!!


The Rodent

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