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Single and Joint Tenancies for room by room Letting


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I recently bought a tenanted property, which is currently let on a Joint tenancy on a room-by-room basis only till the end of the month.

I was hoping to do the same again i.e. have a joint tenancy between 3-4 individuals and I did have 3 people lined up to take prop. who let me down at the last minute! So I'm now in a hurry to let the 3 rooms as soon as possible by the end of the month when current T's leave.

My problem is the house is currently messy as T's still in there – I am about to do some maintenance e.g. carpets and double glazing. I've had a call from a prospective T today who wants a room tomorrow! He's been in the country last 3 years and is starting a job in the city. One of my T's has sort of moved out –as I know the room is empty could I let to this person even though officially the previous contract has not finished? Don't think I would get much on Credit/reference check on International people, is it worth doing? Also the current T who has more or less moved out has not yet paid me June's rent so it's late. If I could take this new T on it'd mean I wouldn't be able to do joint tenancy like I was trying to do so that all could start on 1 July for example –the joint tenancy just makes it easier. Alternatively as the house does need some work doing if I have no T's lined up I could take the opportunity to do the required works from 1 July and the search for new T's –though it's mean I'd have a void.

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Can only offer a pessimistic view really.

The guy has been in the country 3 yrs, starting a job and wants to move in immediately, sorry mate this absolutely stinks of trouble to me.

As said many times on here a void period is better than a dodgy tenant. I would implore you to make sure the referencing and credit checks are satisfactory before taking on anyone. The easy and quick solution - I fell for that one once and it cost me dearly.

Personally, i would have the work done and start the whole thing afresh, I know it's not my money but if you are having carpets & double glazing done plus no doubt some painting would a short void period make any difference.

It does appear that it's possible to start, at least some of, the work now.



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Yes, don't be too casual about this prospective tenant that's been in the country for only 3 years.

Also. I'm always weary when a prospective tenant wants to move in immediately, are they running away from anything?

If you haven't already, ask some questions, where has he/she been living, working over the last three years?

I wouldn't be happy unless there was some previous work references in the very least, and preferably, a previous a landlord reference too if that's possible, as I know alot of immigrants sub-let to friends for extra money so he/she may not officailly have lived in their previous accommodation.

Of course, this prospective tenant could be fine, but a few weeks of void is better than months of aggro, as I've been there myself.

Also, I personally insist on taking 5.5 weeks deposit instead of 4 weeks, this puts off some of the dodgy tenants who often bunk off without giving any notice, (working their deposit down regardless of any damage left).

I would definately ask which company in the city the new job is, then ring there HR department to double check it's correct. If that's correct, I would then ask the tenant to supply a work reference stating tenant's salary, again just to be on the safe side.

If you explain about the maintenance work beforehand, then u could start shipping new tenant's in.

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Many overseas workers have only been in-country for a short time and, in my experience, good tenants, so long as the ground-rules are understood. Having been in the country 3 years, your referencing will include proof of address checks, previous agent/landlord check and job offer confirmation from the employer. Though a foreign worker, you can do quite a few checks due to length of time here already.

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Simple answer here ....

If you need too move in immediately then not a problem ....


If i cant get you referenced b4 you move in then you are going to have to pay 6 mths rent up front and a double bond ( all in cash/cleared funds) B4 i can let you move in ....if references come back okay then i will refund 5 mths rent and reduce bond holding back to normal single level (which like Reg is more then one month's rent ...1.25 x is my norm ....plus more if i feel situation warrants it).

Do you need a lift to the bank to with draw funds right now, or did you want to wait 48 hours for referencing to go thru ?

NEXT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Rodent

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Thanks for your advice everyone. In the end the international T didn't call the next day so I assume he found somewhere!

I've decided to get the remedial works done on property as current T's are leaving end of month. I will then re-advertise it.

I want to rent on a room-by-room basis on a joint tenancy (single AST) but am finding it difficult to find 3 people who all want the same start date. I feel it would be complicated having separate AST's? in terms of T's dealing with bills if each one moves in/out on different dates? How do you best deal with room by room lets?

Lastly, I am struggling to get rent from previous landlord (as I bought property with tenants) they keep saying they will send it but it's been almost 2 months! My solicitor has written to them but no reply. I am also finding it difficult to prove the condition of the property and its contents as I was not supplied with an Inventory from start date of current T –previous landlord who is Letting agent also eventually supplied me with an Inventory that was done mid way through the tenancy not at start –so that's not valid.

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