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Who is responsible?


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My partner and her sister rent out their father's house.

It has come to their attention (from a neighbour ) that the garden has become some-what overgrow.

I hope this is a simple question. Basically who is normally responsible for the garden up-keep.

I suspect that it is the tenant's responsibility.

Can you help?



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If the inventory stated the garden was weeded, lawn cut etc etc etc. The L/L would have a good arguement to deduct money from deposit at end of tenancy.

Like the guys say, usually in an AST it's covered and the expectation is that the T does. I think the LL has to provide the tools, don't they? However, having once been a tenant (those were the days!) and neglected the odd garden here and there, I always let my lawned properties, with twice a month gardener included!

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Well i dont think they have to but normally some tools are left.

But if a landlord didnt leave a hoover does that mean they dont have to hoover the carpet when they leave.

Any excuse, hey. For this very reason I leave bucket, mop, broom, hoover. They don't have to use them, but come checkout, they've got one less excuse to use!

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