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Implications of Buying a Property tenanted with AST


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I’ve recently bought a property with tenants -students that’s on a 10 month AST.

A couple of questions:

1) the deposit has been paid to previous landlord who’s protected it using TDSL -insurance based scheme.

Should I retrieve this deposit from previous landlord and protect it myself?

2) There appears to be no Gas Certificate after March 2007 -so I assume I should get a check done soon? As Gas inspection Certificates are requires each year.

3) I noticed a Periodic Electrical report from March 2007- how often should these be done?

4) As it’s a furnished property - I am still awaiting a copy of Inventory -which vendors are meant to be supplying since the last few months -I think this will be important as I have no idea what is in property and what is tenants property? Which will be important when they leave in Summer.

As yet I still have been given no keys to property - have no contact details of tenants -all down to vendor who is both estate agent, letting agent and time wasting agent;)

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Have you completed ? If so go and pull the agent over his desk ...preferably by the throat....

The Rodent

I have completed at start of this month.

Got the keys now ( 8 days later!) -but nothing else!

No Inventory, no current Gas Cert, no deposit -told it will be sent in the post...I'll believe that when I see it!

Briefly met tenants -turns out one of the named tenants on AST has moved out and done a swap and theres another T in her place....Can they do this? So what about her deposit?

Looks like the state of affairs between T's and last landlord are messy -where even T has no idea how much rent they've paid -I'll have to set up a monthly system so we are clear about matters from the start. Will have to get something signed

Just wondering what I've let myself in for...first student let..however T seemed friendly and co-operative.

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