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ceiling light fitting


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Hello all

sorry for the small question...but being a new LL...i have had tenants who have occupied a flat for 9 months...there were no electrical problems

then 3 months after they moved in they told me they broke a plug socket as they dropped something on it...

no 6 months later they tell me the ceiling light fitting is not working and we have to reimburse them for getting it fixed

what is the LL position on this...i gave them everything working...can i expect them to pay to repair it or do I have to

any suggestions greatly appreciated as I have to reply to them urgently.

many thanks in advance

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If something stops working you have a repair obligation unless the tenant caused the problem accidently or maliciously. They are paying you for ongoing use of the facilities. Repair procedures should be taken care of in your tenancy agreement and performed by you in a reasonable amount of time, not your tenant. For blown light bulbs, replacement of other consumables and very very minor repairs such as changing a fuse are something it is reasonable for tenants to deal with at their own cost.

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