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I let a flat out with an agent 7 months ago and while the tenant is no problem, the agent is a problem. The verbal agreement was that I would receive the rent 10 days after the tenant paid. For 5 months, it's been nearer 3 weeks after the tenants have paid.

Since they have had problems with their BACS payments, how they get the money to me is very random and even when we agree a method of payment, they 'forget'. I usually have to phone them endlessly and go to pick up the money personally.

They haven't done repairs to the flat when needed: the tenants had no light in the bathroom for 2 months. And they bought furniture for the flat without my agreement.

I now want to end the contract with the agent. And the tenants want to stay. The agent may ask for £500 to end the contract before the 12 month AST is up.

It seems the agent is in breach of contract. Legally, am I liable to pay the £500 if asked for it?

The tenants deposit is also being held by the agent - does anyone know if the agent can hold on to this?

Much thanks

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