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Increase of Rent


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Hi can I put my Tennants rent up at any time as I havnt increased it within 3 years.

Is there a particular format I have to follow?

I am doing the 6 monthly inspections on Sundy and thought i might broch the subject then

Please help

Have a read of this thread -may find some answers there.


Is their contract up at 6M too?

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She has been living in the house for 3 years and signed another contract for a year in november.

If thats the case you wouldn't be able to increase the rent in the term of that contract i.e till Nov 2008.

However, 2 months before the end of the contract you can bring up the matter and then if they agreed issue a new AST with the new rent.

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You WILL be able to increase the rent immediately, if she and you, mutually agree to it ..........

you just wont be able to "force" the increase upon her ......

The Rodent

alway's put these thing's in writing though stating the date to which the rent increase will take effect (if any)

it's amazing how many really great tenants all of a sudden become forgetful when it comes to agreeing a date for a rent increase, getting them to sign a copy of the letter stating that the rent is going to be increased on X date is the safest way... other than both agreeing to resign a new tenancy that is..

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