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what is fair wear and tear? and whats considered as damage


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I recently checked out a tenant from what was a new/refurbished property with brand new white goods and flooring. Generally the place was clean with some minor things like some burnt on food (brown marks) on oven tray and grill rack -it had been cleaned but had some stubborn marks left.

There was brand new rug provided which unfortunately was white and black in colour -the white has now turned cream. Again I accepted that as wear and tear.

Both these items I accepted as wear and tear, together with some scratches and pin point heels of a stool digging into oak floor and some scratches on the floor. I signed the T out and gave a copy of the report. I have the deposit which I aim to return within a few days. The T has been very good throughout tenancy.

However visiting the property afterwards (the next day) I found a small area maybe an inch long where the seasoned polished oak flooring (top layer) has come away and about 1/4 inch depth the raw wood is exposed. Do you constitute this as wear and tear. It must have happened when they moved furniture or something heavy along that tore and lifted a bit of the floor up. Also found a small chip about 2 inches taken off toilet top cistern lid. Again maybe an accident..?

Where do you draw the line between fair wear and tear and damage?

Some example photos attached below, some of the close up shots of floor are a bit blurred.

fair wear and tear scratches to oak floor

small chip in oak flooring -wood lifted and exposed

another view of chip in flooring

oven before check out

oven tray at check out better

direct view of oven tray at check out

oven at check out -a lot cleaner

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....that oven looks like brand new !!!

I is very rare that i get them back as good as that..

The Rodent

It does doesn't it! I had another polish of the oven itself after T left, so its a bit sparkling, couldn't do much about the oven tray as I only had an hour!

I've edited my post above -attached a couple more photos that may be a bit clearer.

Maybe I'll just put a filler in the hole in the floor and accept it as wear n tear.

New T moved in today on a short term 3 Month so they've been made aware of the small hole in floor.

Thanks for your views Matthew & The Rodent (you should get a matching new avatar for your ID :) !]

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