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Do I have to use an AST?


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I have found a tenant for a 3 month let.

(All reference checked squeaky clean with business account funding the rent.)

Following on from my query about deposit protection which I believe has to be taken for AST and other tenancies.

I believe the minimum period for an AST is 3 months?

Can I let a property without an AST?

i.e just an agreement between myself and T?

and still take a deposit?

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I'll do an AST.

Regards taking 3x rent upfront -

I'd agreed for T to pay month in advance earlier + deposit and they preferred to pay a deposit rather than pay 3x advance. I just asked them to check if they'd pay all in advance.

I should of specified earlier for advance payment -though not sure if I'd have an agreement.

So I'll have to protect deposit now that I am taking one.

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On the same theme of short lets.

I've had an enquiry from a company looking for a one month let for a locum doctor and his family.

Can I do an AST for 1 month? or what sort of contract can I do and what about deposit?

Do I include bills in this let? or get them in his name?

The dates are fitting my dates and it'd mean I don't wait till July for tenant as mine is geared towards student lets so filling it with a family would be better than it being empty.

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