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Deposit query


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I'm taking on a short term tenant for 3 months soon and wondered if I used the custodial

deposit scheme how long does it take to get depsoit back?

Or should I use insurance paid for scheme? And is it worth joing any professional organisations such NLA etc to get discount? or is that only worthwhile if you own loads of properties...

Lastly I believe using either of these schemes the depost must be protected in 14 days?

My problem is I am going away for 2 weeks the next day as soon as they move in, so if I protected the deposit it would be after 2 weeks would I be penalised for not protecting it within 2 weeks?

Or should I delay actually taking the deposit? probably not a wise move, but this T is financially sound.

After 3 months I will be taking a T (foreign student) for 2 years - and would use the insurance based scheme, but just not sure about the current short term 3 Month let. Any advice appreciated, thanks.

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