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front door that can't be locked from the inside?


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we recently moved into a flat that is one of 3 inside an old victorian style town house

the communal buliding front door is sturdy and has 2 locks

the front door to our flat is the kind of door found in a bedroom or loung and has a lock that means it can only be locked from the outside so when we go to bed anyone in the building can walk in just by tunring the handle

a week ago the communal front door got left open and a would-be-burglar came into our flat but luckily i chased him away

the letting agency are quite shocked at how poor our door is, but our landlord won't pay for anything new except halves on a better lock despite the letting agency asking him to pay for a new door etc. he says he is not obliged to supply anything more than a door we can lock form the outside!

is this correct, i feel completely cheated and want to move out, but apart form the door the flat is of a good spec.

The police advised that our door was no way sturdy enough and were also shocked that bedroom style door had been used as a front door for us. they say we should move out if he will not supply us with a more secure door/lock

is the anything i can do..either legally, or by complaining to a regulating body etc etc???

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Not really acceptable IMHO ..........but legally ??? i dont know .....a lot of front doors are completely inadequete and will ope by just leaning on them .....

Rather than go on the security side of things ....try calling your local council "private sector housing dept" they will advise for free ...i would make the issue a "fire hazard" not " security ....if you have a communal "escape" route all doors leading off it "should" (depeding on layout) be half hour rated.....this will mean that a visit from them may force your LL to not only change yours, but the other 2 as well ...also may have to do some serious upgrading to whole property .............make the call ....

Also i would consider it a serious risk that door can only be locked from the outside ........what if your partner goes to work and inadvertently locks you in ....and there is a fire ....can you open the door from the inside ??

The Rodent

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