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LL has not protected deposit.


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L has not protected the deposit or provided me with his address, even though the contract states he has to. I've paid for the details of the property online but his address is down as the property I'm renting. Can someone give me advice on how I can get the 3x amount without an address? I'm not a bad T, I just want the money back I've lost because of him.

I've been renting for 3 months and im on a 6 month AST, I'll be moving out as soon as the 6 months are done. I've also never signed or seen an inventory. I signed a furnished contract and he provided: second hand fridge, washing machine (not fitted), cooker, bed (after 4 weeks), wardrobe. I'll list a few of the problems I have with him:

1. I paid for carpets everywhere

2. I decorated every room

3. No heat source

4. I was told all the flats in the building (of 4) were going to be finished by the end of january. They only got the builders in at the start of feb and I'm still living in a building site-wires hanging out of the walls in the halls, wonky floor boards etc.

5. He's let himself in the flat twice without 24 hours notice.

6. I'm unable to get a phone line because he has covered the front of the property with old sofas/tables/rubbish for the rest of the flats.

7. I'm paying off a past tenants electric debt because he wont fax the company the contract.

8. The indoor doors dont close/hanles falling off

9. He provided a washer but wont fit it.

10. He's not done anything about the wire hanging over the bath from when he removed a shower before I moved in

11. He leaves the front door open.

12. He wont contact me back, reply to letters and he turns up for the rent when he feels like it without an arranged time or date.

13. The kitchen window is huge and rotten, so cant close it (no central heating so its freezing!)

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