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Dear all

Any thoughts on how to calculate compensation to a tenant for loss of water supply? The heating is electric so no probs there, but they have NO COLD OR HOT water. The whole supply is dead.

Its been off since yesterday and wont be back on til Thursday....its a pumping system installed in a block so there is no way of getting them water....just need a rough idea of how much to give back...100% of rent for the affected period...50%...more than 100%?!?!?!?!

Any advice appreciated.

Many thanks


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If you have to go down this route, 25% reduction for each day's loss of supply. However, when they take on the property they take on many liabilities similar to that of owner-occupiers.IE grin & bare it for a while. Were you responsible for loss of and re-provision of the supply as sounds like something you had no control over?

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