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good sites/places to advertise for tenants


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hello all...

i need to rent out my prop soon as i am paying a big mort...need to find tenants..can use agency but they will take any contingency i might earn in their fees...

was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of places i can find tenants..other than gumtree and sainsbury ad board which i use.

many thanks in advance

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I don't know yet how good these are as they aren't heavily used but I'm also in the process of trying to get tenants and have recently tried the following free sites:

http://www.letmatch.co.uk/landlords/ (There is a paid option on there which lists your property on RightMove)







The best leads I've had so far are from gumtree.

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Advertising property as a whole or on a room by room basis?

I too use Gumtree and the best thing you can do is keep the ad at the top of the page (used it for both room and whole flat).

I have tried NETRENT with not much success, but it's not really for rooms & it is free so worth a try.

I have also tried putting ads in local papers, and didn't get one call from a nice big bold ad...... so waste of money in my area!

Is it in a student area? If so you get get the Uni inspector around, show them the gas & electrcity certificates and they'll put you on their website, where all the students will look first before looking elsewhere.

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