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Soon to be evicted tenant


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Hi all, my tenant is being evicted in a few weeks time.

On the day he moved in and signed the tenancy agreement, there was no landline telephone and

I called the utilities company with a gas and electric meter reading.

The tenant failed to pay both the gas and electric bill up until the utilities company threatened him with court action, they came to an agreement to change both the gas and electric meter over to "pay-as-you-go" keys, which would slowly pay off the debt. I've only just recently found this out on a recent inspection.

Anyway I've spoken to the utilities company and have told them that I want a new gas and electic key on the day they move out, as they still owe quite abit of money and i want to be able to use the electicity.

I have also just found out that the tenant has got a landline telephone.

The utilities company have asked me to fax over the tenancy agreement and asked me to get a forwarding address, so I think I've covered myself, but should i try and find out who the phone company is, because i'd say there's a good chance he wont pay the bill, or keep out of it?

Any advice anyone?

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From personal experience, you are not liable for these debts but keep a record of dates (ie moved out) and readings.

If you can get a forwarding address but I strongly advise you to take names of the people you talk to at the utility firms.

Hope that helps a bit - good luck.


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I deal with this quite often.

Make sure you inform the utility companies, that the tenant has left, also insist that they come and reset the pay as you go meters. These would have been put in when the tenant ran up a bill and e.g for every £5 he charged £2 goes toward the debt. You or any future tenants will find yourselves paying off his bill for years if these are not changed.

Council tax is not payable for up to six months on a empty unfurnished property.

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