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BMV for quick sale with situ tenant


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Hi everyone,

I would like some advice on any companies anyone knows of that buy buy to let property with tenant in situ.

I have a 3 bed, 2 rep, front & massive back garden leading on to playing field part CH/DG ex council property rented at £450 a month in Dukinfield sk16 tentant is on a periodic and working been with me for 2 years brilliant with rent. I need the money for my home and to make a new business.

Estate agent has said £115k and a house 6 doors down sold within 3wks (very pop area) at £105k. I would accept £105k for a quick sale with tenant in situ.

Does anyboby know any good companies and is this about the right price.

Any comments or offers would be good. Thanks

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If looking for BMV then overpriced as realistic Open Market Value of property is £105 based on selling property close by, EA value discount by 7-8% as thats how much under the MV that houses generally sell for. Realistically going through BMV companies you would get offers at around £90k.

I'm with Simon and would suggest remortgage as should get £90k easily as remortgage maybe a bit more as surveyor wil value it as rental potential which gives you excuse to increase it.

If still want BMV names then PM me but better holding on if you can.

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