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Selling Property

gibson little

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Try talking to them, otherwise it's down to giving notice.

Will it sell quickly? Can you advertize it with tenants in situ as this may appeal to some landlords. If buyer wants to live there, it takes about 2 months for process anyway, keeps an income from tenants while purchase is going through and if tenants opt to leave early because of sale then you've lost nothing.

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Well the fastest way i know to get anyone out of building is to set fire to it !!!

But guess that is not going to help as you want some money for it ..!!!LOL

T has security of tenure for "fixed term" of ast as a min ......You also must give 2 months notice to take effect no earlier than this time ....

Would cash inducement for T help ?

Purchaser may WANT T to stay ( i know i like to buy WITH t in situ )

can you offer T alternative accom ?

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