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Happy New Year to you all.

I'm new to the tax self assessment and like many did not get my tax return (for Year ended 5 April 2007) back before 30 Sept. 2007 to get some help in amount owed, so am trying to get it done before 31st of this month.

Can someone tell me what things are allowable as expenses? e.g. travelling costs to looking for properties, any motoring expenses? eg car servicing, car tax?

What other buying costs are tax deductable? Letting agent fees? furniture packs? mortgage lender fees? solicitor fees?

And does anyone know which section of the TAX RETURN form addresses these issues?

Lastly, should I be paying voluntary NI contributions? - I used to be in full time employment whereby NI, TAX etc was automatically taken from my salary, however last year I was made redundant so haven't been paying any NI -should I be? and what sort?

Would be most grateful for any advice received, no doubt I will be back to more questions when I actually come to fill the form in! Thanks.

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I've made an appointment at the local Tax Office -so hopefully they'll help with some of the issues, but I would like to be prepared beforehand with a list of expenses that I can claim so if anyone has any tips I'd be grateful.

As I'm not sure they will advise on that?but just help with completing the form.

Is it true that the Online Tax self assessment doesn't have the rented property section yet? which has to be done on the paper form?

I've registered on the HRMC site awaiting password.

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My apologies, I expect I am too late to help now - I have been busy with clients sending in their last minute tax returns for preparation!

If you still need any help - give me a shout

(FYI - I am a chartered tax adviser)

As far as going to HMRC - I wouldnt ordinarily recommend going to HMRC to ask them to help - they can be very tight on what you can claim and dont really give too much away!


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