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Hello all

Happy belated new year to all

just had an e mail from my tenants telling me that a blockage from another flat in the block is affecting their drain...

please can anyone advise if blocked drains are our responsibilty or is it the tenants who need to keep the drains clean and healthy especially if the landlord provided them with the drains fine at the begin of their tenancy.

any advise appreciated


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Comes down to the origin and cause of the blockage. If your tenant put something down they shouldn't have such as excessive number of baby wipes then their problem. If it's caused by someone else it's for you to resolve with the guilty party, without delays impacting on your tenant.

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Pet hate ths subject.......I have 17 Victorian props with drains more than 100 years od ...and not really designed to carry the sewage produced by the fact that the whole area has been HMOd

I rarely go more than a few months without unblocking a drain or sewer !!!

Sanitary towels and strings are a HUGE problem especially when you have 8 girls in one house ..as soon as one snags inside the pipe it will block within a day or 2 on this house ....

In answer to your question "the perpetrator" will be responsible ..which is great if you can identify the exact location and cause of blockage ....not always possible ...a lot of the time a good roding will clear but not allow you to see the foreign object.

But if prob is caused by neighbour then neighbour can pay the bill !

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