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Hi all,

I'm going to put my place up for sale soon, has anybody got any experience with these, i.e:

Do you know a good HIP provider?

How much should it cost (been quoted about 300 quid on one site)?

How long do you usually have to wait - one site quoted a week?

As it's quite a new thing, just don't really know how to go about it/know what companies are reputable etc.

Thanks im advance,


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Ha ha, yes finally sobered up, thanks for the reply.

I can't find it for £200 anywhere though. It costs extra for Leasehold, approx £20. So far including VAT the quotes are all coming out at about £300.

Also from research I have been doing, there seem to be a lot of articles saying that the real cheap ones, although meeting legislation, are no good to the solicitor of the buyer, who then needs to do these anyway.

If anyone has anymore thoughts please let me know.......We are all likely to need one in the long term, so the more understanding the better!

Interestingly I guess I could have put an ad on Gumtree advertising my Flat for sale pre Dec 14th (even though I didn't really want to market until Feb) and I would now not require one, as any properties which were marketed before that date didn't need one. I should have thought of this before hand! :-(

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