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Letting Agent not passing on Rent money


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I've been using a Letting Agent (in Bedford) for 12 months now and they have not past on to me the last 3 months worth of rent. Each and every month they would come up with some story, like the electronic payment failed, or the cheques must have got lost in the post but eventually I'd receive the money after chasing them continuously.

My tenants are now leaving and I'm going with a new letting agent, however I'm still owed 3 months rent. I know the tenants very well and they have supplied me with the agents receipt of receiving their rent money, so I know full well the agent is hanging on to my money. Apparently they are known for doing this. I've served them a notice to pay within so many days otherwise I'll serve them a County Court Claim and this has not stirred them at all. I have not got the time to keep chasing them and may choose to use a Debt Collector.

Has anyone else had encountered this situation before and how did you resolve it. This agent is slippery and not easily shaken. Thanks.

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