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Electric and Gas Meters


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Merry christmas to everyone out there!

I wonder if any of you guys can offer some useful advice.

I have served notice on my tenant, and I have discovered on a recent inspection that the tenant has changed both the gas AND the electric meters over to pay as you go key meters without my authorisation.

I just wondered what to do, as once the tenant goes I will immediately need the electric to do a few quick improvements and don't want to be left with any delays OR expense (the tenancy agreement states it's the tenant responsability to pay bills).

Your advice is welcome

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Phone the gas and electric companies and explain what has happened ask if there is a cost to change back (get in writing if poss with date of change ) if there is take out of the deposit. Job done

Wherever you tell the tenant this before they move out is up to you, but i would be inclined not to but i would send them a note to remind them you expect the house to be clean and in the same condition as they moved in or there could be costs deducted out of their deposit.

Any debts left of gas or electric are the responsability of the person who name is on the bill (should be the tenant)

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