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Rent review Clauses in Tenancy Agreement AST


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I am about to sign a tenancy agreement as made by a LA whom I used for tenant find only.

To get a tenant in quickly as I'd had a long term void the agent lowered the rent to 495 from 525.

My position is that after 6 months I'd like to increase the rent as most of the other properties went at around 525 then the market slowed down and properties were sticking especially if over 525 like some were 550.

There is a clause in the 6 month ASTthat states " It is agreed that the rent as defined in the Agreement will be reviewed in an upwards only fashion on the anniversary of this tenancy and upon each subsequent anniversary in line with RPI increases for the previous 12 months and subject to a minimum of £5 per calendar month or 3%,whichever is greater"

Does this mean I cannot increase the rent after 6 months by issuing a new AST?

Or can I make a note in the a section of existing AST called SPECIAL OR ADDIONAL CLAUSES where there is a space to add anything else? I assume that's what that section is there for?

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